SMD Voltage Step-up Coils
Reel & Tape Package
Radial Choke Coils
AC Line Filter
Transponder Antenna
Coil Base Inductor
Spring Coil
Power Chokes
SMT Coils
1mm Low Profile Shielded Inductor
SMT Shielded Inductor
ToroidalCoil / Line Filter
P Cores
Power Transformers (PoE), DC/DC
EP Type Cores
EE Type Cores
Induction Charge Coils
Power Transformers
Power Over Ethernet (PoE), DC/DC Converter
SANKYO is pleased to offer this series of power transformers designed for isolated flyback DC/DC converter applications.
Utilizing industry standard style footprint these transformers are LEAD-free RoHS compliant. Please contact us for custom designs.
● Topology﹕Flyback transformer with continuous mode
● Frequency﹕250 kHz
● Power﹕3W,7W,13W
● RoHs compliant
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