SMD Voltage Step-up Coils
Reel & Tape Package
Radial Choke Coils
AC Line Filter
Transponder Antenna
Coil Base Inductor
Spring Coil
Power Chokes
SMT Coils
1mm Low Profile Shielded Inductor
SMT Shielded Inductor
ToroidalCoil / Line Filter
P Cores
Power Transformers (PoE), DC/DC
EP Type Cores
EE Type Cores
Induction Charge Coils
Coil Base Inductor

These coil based inductors are economically for all applications. Wounding using self adhesive ULTRA FINE magnet wire to form strong bonding in between. Varnish treatment at the end of process to give extra security and visual impression.

Ideal for electronic clocks, speaker toys, ID card systems, elector - mechanical displays, antennas and remote control devices.

No standard specification. Custom designs are welcome.
Please submit full specification and drawing while inquires.
The above information are for reference only.
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