SMD Voltage Step-up Coils
Reel & Tape Package
Radial Choke Coils
AC Line Filter
Transponder Antenna
Coil Base Inductor
Spring Coil
Power Chokes
SMT Coils
1mm Low Profile Shielded Inductor
SMT Shielded Inductor
ToroidalCoil / Line Filter
P Cores
Power Transformers (PoE), DC/DC
EP Type Cores
EE Type Cores
Induction Charge Coils
AC Line Filter
Common Mode:UU9VF/UU9HF.
In addition to the standard versions of parameters shown here, custom designs are available to meet your exact require ments.
Ideally used in Multi-function telephone, AC adapter, Fax, Small
size fluorescent light, VCR, TV as AC line common mode chokes.
RoHS Compliance.
Inductance measurement condition:1kHz, 1V
The above information are for reference only.

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